Team Commander / Liason


TAC-COM is a Prometean. He exists in the Digital realm, where if viewed looks like a massive web of wires connected to a jarred brain with one eye. Electricity will randomly spark throughout the wires.


Created in the early stages of the Technilogial expansion, Prometheans were brought up to work alongside humanity. As seed AI they were essentially limitless in their expansion, however they were limited in a way that they could only learn about as much as a standard human could in a year. While this limited how much they could learn at a given rate, they were still able to go leaps and bounds over what humanity was capable of. When the TITANS first made attacks against humanity, it was the Prometheans who first struck back, before humans were even aware of the threat.

TAC-COM was a product of the fall. Though not one of the original Prometheans, he is regarded as the best tactician to come out of the war against the TITANS. Created by his fellows with the intent to outwit oposing forces, he is less restricted than his predecessors, allowing him to learn more at a faster pace. However his knowledge base was limited and anything he tries to learn outside of his scope is immediatly deleted. He knows what he knows. Fortunatly he has learned to deal with this impediment by learning about those who have the knowledge that could be useful, making tactical calculations, and determining the usefulness of each person who he has come in contact with. He is able to share this knowledge with the agents under him, but doesnt always have the right way of getting it across.


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