You are now part of the 4T program. That’s TITAN Tactical Threat Team. This specialized group of Firewall agents work directly against TITAN threats everyday!

You’re group is varied and each of you provides a different skill set:

Team leadership is assigned on a case by case basis, taking into account individual knowledge.

You’re mission: Eliminate all TITAN threats within our solar system. While this does include Earth, we are a long way from a reclaimist dream.

As part of Firewall, you will have access to technologies that few others do. One such technology is you’re commander, Tactical Communications Analysis and Hyperspace Systems Calculations Support Axiom X96473257626-Q, or Tac-Com for short. He will assist you best he can and is the one responsible for keeping track of your valuable backups. He will also be able to assist you with any information or upgrades you may need, though this might just be a location as to where you can obtain those things.

As many of you are aware, the TITANS were a rogue seed AI. Little is known about them and the technologies they created. It will be part of your job to hunt down TITAN artifacts and either destroy or capture these relics.

Good luck


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